Roseanna Lucia Dietrich

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a mixed media artist specialising in Textiles. I am interested in the visual differences of the cityscape versus the villagescape. This body of work has developed through observing and drawing urban cityscapes, which are translated, into simple linear and bold shapes in Perspex and stitch. In ‪#layeruplaser the audience can play with the shapes allowing for new forms and patterns to emerge, therefore subconsciously re-making their ideal space through drawing with shape and line. Is there any difference in patterns from the participants who live in the city or those who come from small villages?

My future plans involve volunteering at local schools and colleges and to run community workshops with people of all ages and abilities. Creativity is good for wellbeing and needs to be part of everyday life; I believe it is an essential part of living a happy life.

Tags: Blackandwhite, Cityscape, Embroidery, Knit, Line, Shape, Textiles

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