Roxy Appleton

Illustration with Animation
BA (Hons)

I’m always on the lookout for interesting patterns or scraps of material from fabric stores to photograph or scan in; I then use these samples to create collaged landscapes and animals in Photoshop.

After picking up a couple of basic AfterEffects processes, I taught myself how to use the program and, bit by bit, created an animation with what I learnt. I generated all the sound effects and music myself.

Following on from this project, I wanted to go back to making things rather than working on a laptop, and so I started to turn my designs into a collection of homewares - it now includes handmade, hand-printed cushions, purses and doorstops, as well as hand-printed mugs, tote bags and coasters.

Tags: Animals, Animation, Fabric, Homewares, Print, Textiles

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