Sabika Hassan

Graphic Design
BA (Hons)

Creative thinker, visual communicator and problem solver, I am someone who is fascinated by all aspects of design. My core expertise lies in synthesising hand-made and digital design and I have an eye for intricate details. My work is always tailored to the brief and is concept-driven, crucial features in my view. My motto is to work hard and love what you do.

My work this year, primarily focuses on pushing the boundaries of design by transforming flat graphics into three-dimensional pieces. The processes and methodologies that I employ range from letterpress and photography; to digital printing and laser cut, as I like to be experimental in order to expand my skillset as a designer. Having knowledge of both contemporary and traditional print methods is something very important to me, as this has allowed me to evolve as a creative thinker and maker.

Tags: Art Direction, Bookbinding, Craft, Creative Review, Digital Print, Editorial, Graphic Design, Innovation, Laser-cut, Letterpress, Risograph, Screen-print, Sculpture, Shadow Art, Typography

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