Saidatul S. Shazri

Master of Architecture

Conservation and privacy both are necessary for sociological and psychological well-being. The project aims to incorporate existing programmes of rejuvenation spaces into a transitional adventure of social interaction and social disengagement with intention of creating a low-stress society while strengthening the locale and rejuvenate it. The project intends to mediate between hectic daily activities and social spectrum. It also intends to mediate between the Spinningfield area and other areas to restore back social connectivity.

My proposition relates the site disconnectivity and city stress issue on working people where the needs of retreat and de-stress area should be addressed in the manchester city centre. Research on typologies of urban retreat and therapeutic programmes has been conducted to identify the activities and quality of spaces needed to achieve pleasurable therapeutic environment.

Tags: Monolithic Architecture, Rejuvenation Centre, Therapy Architecture, Urban Infill, Urban Retreat

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