Sara Rose Perera Hammond

BA (Hons)

The Cycling Forum is central to the expanding network of cycling facilities in Manchester as part of the VeloCity initiative. Urban Cycling can be a solution to social, economic and environmental problems in the city. By creating free mobility of pedestrians and cyclists we can generate social vitality in the 21st century city, reduce congestion and create a better quality environment.

From studies of public space the building diagram is centred around recreating the public square providing a place for meeting and assembly of cyclists. Further providing ammenties to invite and encourage cycling. 

Three figures on site create the central urban square. From studying the functions and arrangement of buildings in the Roman Forum as typology for the public square, the three figures house programme representing the social, practical and commercial functions of the forum. Housing the relevant facilities the buildings work in harmony to serve the gathering space.

Tags: Architecture, Casting, Common Ground, Cycling, Model Making, Msa, Public Square

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