Sarah Powell

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

My work starts out as an exploration of traditional painting practices, always referencing rudimentary ideas around stretching, priming, hanging, framing and painting. I attempt to rethink traditional ideas by working in the expanded field of painting, ultimately asking, ‘What a painting can be? And what can be a painting?’ I attempt to create a bridge between painting and sculpture, not allowing myself to be confined by the rigid frame of the canvas; the painting breaks free, often literally spilling from the flatbed surface and entering into the world around it.Once finished my canvases are out of my control, they become anthropomorphised, taking on human physical traits and developing personalities of their own. They misbehave, they are embarrassed, they cower in the corner and they are bursting, sagging and bulging. By representing a mixture of physical and emotional traits I am encouraging the audience to recognise themselves in the painting.

Tags: Anthropomorphic, Body, Bulge, Emotion, Expanded Field Of Painting, Gloss, Human, Leather, Monochrome, Paint, Physicality, Postmodern, Sag, Sculptural, White

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