Shannon Quirke

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a surface pattern designer focusing on interior surfaces and products for a bespoke market. I am passionate about digital print and have also explored my interest in laser cutting and experimenting with different surfaces. Exploring museum archives I have discovered my interest in the combination of unusual objects. Within this I have focused on three main archive collections which are animal bones, pottery and crystals.

Using my linear style of drawing to illustrate the bones and pottery I have created an interesting contrast between these objects and the bright colour and texture of the crystals. The combination of the line drawings next to the textural elements is a unique contrast. Developing my work I have merged the items together creating distinctive patterns and motifs for the interior market. In the future I aspire to explore and adapt my style by gaining more experience in the design industry.

Tags: Digitalprint, Interiors, Pattern, Print, Surfacepattern, Wallpaper, Wood

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