Sophie Hall

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

As an experimental textile designer I challenge conventional ways of working by using a diverse range of practices and pushing the boundaries with materials to create contemporary unique designs.

Throughout the final year I used a gender neutral concept to design two agender fashion collections. My digital print collection originates from male and female saliva samples I collected from donors and photographed under a microscope. I edited the samples to create an agender print collection.  My 3D collection uses unconventonal materials that can be sculpted to the body uniquley by the individual wearer.

On my photo shoot I used art direction to show the versatility of how my work can be worn on the body and differently by each person, expressing the idea that gender doesn’t have to influence or segregate fashion. This reinforces the notion that males & females can dress from the same wardrobe, whilst maintaining and expressing individuality.

Tags: Digital Print, Fashion, Gender Neutral, Textile Design

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