Suzanne McIvor

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

My practice consists of conceptual contemporary wearables, of which I make and photograph pieces in response to Media and society driven pressures upon women to physically look as the Medias ideal. It is important to me to use readymade objects in my practice to give a feeling of familiarity, I believe this helps in creating a clear narrative to the audience as the objects I use already have connotations and suggestions attached to them.

The media is saturated with images of women and dialogue stating how women should look, guides on how to be; beach body ready, have thicker hair, longer eyelashes, silkier skin, 10 steps to clearer skin, quick 6” weight loss, makeup tips for a new confident you. Through my work I ask the audience to question why it is we do this, how far is too far when it comes to physically altering your appearance and is this the message we want to be sending out to females?

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