Tasmin Williams

Three Dimensional Design
BA (Hons)

I am an artist working in the medium of clay. My practice is inspired and developed by both my own experiences with clay and how others interact with its surface. I strive to create ceramic objects that exhibit and communicate clays tactile qualities both visually and to the touch. These pieces are made to be held and engaged with, creating a sensory experience for audiences when interacted with. The weight of the larger forms can also contribute to the tactile experince, forcing the heavy pieces to be held close to the body. My smaller work aims to engage with the hands rather than the body creating a more intimate involvement with the material. The act of protecting and cherishing these ceramic pieces within the hands further develops the relationship between clay and skin. Partially glazing each piece entices the process of touch whilst bringing a contrasting surface to be explored.

Tags: Ceramics, Hand-made, Interactive, Tactile

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