Thomas Benjamin Smith

BA (Hons)

In the year 2025, the entire planet will be submerged into a nuclear winter. The average temperature in the UK could plummet to as low as -5ºC. The prolonged periods of cold temperatures will have both social and economic consequences. Seasonal Affective Disorder will become prevalent and those who suffer from SAD may be particularly affected by the lack of light during the nuclear winter. The program of the site aims to combat the main social issues associated with an extreme cold climate.

The increased requirement for energy will lead to a rise in the cost of utilities. The site will provide three typologies of accommodation (for single occupants, couples and families who have been forced into fuel poverty) within the vicinity of the historically significant Stockport Union Workhouse. The Workh­­ouse site will be re-appropriated with the intention of erasing the sinister perceptions associated with Workhouses.

Tags: Architecture, Cold Climate, Drawings, Fuel Poverty Accommodation, Intelligent Assemblies, Model Making, Part I, Sinister Dialogues, Stockport, Workhouse

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