Vicky Olivera

Textiles in Practice
BA (Hons)

I am a Textile artist and the overarching topic of my work is how life experiences and thoughts leave visible and invisible marks that influence our wellbeing.

My work is informed to a great extent by personal experiences, for example, moving from my homeland to another country was a turning point in my life, as well as my childhood memories; they all make me reflect about the past and the present. I search for ways of making connections between those experiences and memories, translating the invisible marks that affect human health into tactile pieces.

I believe in the intimacy of handmade processes and the individuality of an artefact created by human hands rather than mass-produced by automated means.

My aim is to develop my career by creating one-off pieces and site-specific installations. I am also interested in using my skills and learn new ones while working with communities.

Tags: Community, Connections, Life Experiences, One-off Pieces, Textile Art, Thoughts, Weave

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