Will Marshall

Fine Art
BA (Hons)

I ask questions. How else do we find answers? Words ask questions, I use words. Words, flowcharts, hand-writing, scribbles, banners, signs, voices.

Words are direct, questions are unavoidable.

I can’t answer them. We all try to, but do you know all the answers?

Do you pretend you know the answers?

Do you assume this state of existence is unchangeable?

Do you just accept?

When did you last have a meaningful conversation; discuss the meaning of life, where our morals come from, what art is?

Do you think you are any closer to the answers?

Are there any answers?

Maybe we should try anyway.

Maybe you can get somewhere if you try, if you don’t passively view and consume.

Analyse, talk, argue, think, read, explore.


After all, what use is a question with no answer?

Tags: Answers, Art, Blocks, Handwriting, Questions, Signs, Sound, Text, Voice, Words

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