Yimeng Lin

Master of Architecture

Building Typology - Building in Disguise: Built form with hybrid  ‘City’ character disguising itself in a localised form - within ‘Anti-City’ context.

Building Programmes - Allthings Runcorn: In order to represent the cultural significance of Runcorn Anti-City, all programmes were chosen for being the ‘most Runcorn’, in order to deliver the ‘ultimate Runcorn experience’, which would offer the travellers a ‘Preview’  or ‘Afterthought’ of the town.

ReRuncorn Services was not intended as a complete operable solution to Runcorn’s identity crisis, but as a surrealistic vision of Runcorn 2064(‘City’/ ‘Anti-City’) - the brave Runcorn ‘City’ and the nostalgic Runcorn ‘Anti-City’ which would always live its future in its past. 

Tags: Architecture In Disguise, Built Form And Identity, City And Anti-city

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