Zuzanna Godek

BA (Hons)

Cheetham Hill Skills Exchange is a housing scheme and a public space that predominantly addresses financial, educational and housing problems of people employed in low-skilled occupations, The project offers long-term accommodation alongside future, self-build expansion options that respond to lack of flexibility of housing in Cheetham Hill.

Skills Exchange provides space for residents of Cheetham Hill to come together, share their knowledges and enhance their personal development. The Exchange is located on public ground floor of houses on the main road, but  it is predominantly mobile -  the learning pods are designed to be moved around both the housing scheme and Cheetham Hill’s open spaces. In this way, the project addresses the problem of dis / underused public space in the area and incorporates one of such spaces on the opposite side of Cheetham Hill Road.

Tags: Affordable, Architecture, Cheetham Hill, Community Engagement, Housing, Msa Praxis, Self-building, Skills Exchange

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