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Abigail Knott

Textiles in Practice

As a print designer,  my designs are often a little bit unusual, combining hand drawn illustrations of subject matter with textural, structural and decorative qualities with photographic elements. I am interested in the idea of mixing structured architectural manmade patterns with nature to create a strange, alternative world. This project is a focus on imagery of sea life with modern architecture from around Manchester to create ‘surreal dimensions’. I imagine my consumer to be someone who appreciates unique design and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Since completing work experience with Silken Favours over Summer 2015, I realised that after university I want to begin to establish a luxury printed fashion accessories brand. I have explored this concept this year, working with companies to print my designs onto leather and manufacture high end clutch bags and scarves using the finest quality fabrics.

Tags: Architecture, Bags, Decoration, Design, Leather, Pattern, Print, Scarf, Silk, Structure, Surface, Texture

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