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Adamos Nicolaou


The Sound and Vision Centre (SVC) is an institute, aiming to educate and entertain users and visitors of the area through sound and vision. The SVC is a unique program that transforms the area into an art and cultural space, resolving the perception of seclusion that is evident at the entry of the site.

The proposal demonstrates the possibility of large scale construction that could be adopted sustainably. The project tackles the real threat of climate change, in which a development of environmental strategies comes in place. A combination of pathways highlight the connection of building programme with green spaces on Oxford Road. As a result, it generates enjoyable routes through the campus’ buildings, ignoring the existing routes and transforming the building‘s site as a focal point for pedestrians.

There are two different types of exhibition spaces, with the inclusion of a couple of workshops that provide facilities to artists. A ‘High Technology’ cinema aims to entertain visitors, where a café and lounge resides to supplement users. 

Tags: Cinema, Exhibition, Green Spaces, Pathways, Sound, Sustainable, Vision

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