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Alex Tam


Many existing buildings are influenced by other designs but I believe there needs to be a 'special' touch added to any design. Therefore, I take my design inspiration from daily experiences, regulations like 'Building Regulations' and standards like the 'British Council of Offices, ' and 'BREEAM.' These regulations and standards are important to offer the occupants a comfortable environment but I believe that these should also be iconic design features, emphasised in the designs.

Furthermore, my ambition is to be able to 'finish' an architectural design. I believe, I haven’t 'finished' any of my design as a building develops over time. To 'finish' a building is for the building to reach the end of its life span. The building would have gone through design, construction, modifications and more. The finishing line is the death of the building in deconstruction. We learn about the whole process but not yet experienced it.

Tags: Deconstruction, Environment, Iconic, Technical, Unique

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