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Alexandra Rose Santangeli-Brown

Interior Design

As an interior designer, I believe a well designed space can inspire and develop individuals or groups of creatives. I am fascinated by the places and people around me.

Within this environment as soon as something is invented, it is flaunted and then shared. Ideas flow quickly because they are flowing inside a common language and sensibility. 

This Is Print reflects my interest in the rapid exchange of tools, techniques and ideas between groups of creatives. Printed matter is the glue that binds my concept together. Made with care, there is a romantic element to print that goes beyond nostalgia. I want to provide a space that combines the idea, creation,and appreciation of these curated, passionate and tangible products. My concept is an independent publishing space for all creatives who want to explore print, featuring publications on art, photography, design and activism. 

Tags: Concept, Curated, Exhibition, Interior Design, Model Making, Printed Matter, Publishing, Scenius, Tangible

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