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Anna Carver

Textiles in Practice

As a textile print designer for interiors, I enjoy working with a range of printing techniques such as, hand painting directly onto fabric, screen and digital printing. My large-scale designs can be adapted to suit a variety of interior products, adding a bright statement to any room. The work I produce is mainly abstract; focusing on colour, mark making and texture onto a range of heavy weight interior fabrics. The places I visit inspire my Initial Ideas through primary research - drawing and painting responses that are heavily influenced by architecture and detail. My style of drawing is playful and expressive which helps me to create shape and movement within my textile pieces. I like to explore layering through mark making, texture and colour when drawing which I then translate directly onto fabric.

I am highly motivated to become a professional textile print designer and intend to find experience after graduating in this field.

Tags: Expressive, Interior, Layers, Screen Print

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