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Anna Glinkina

Fine Art

My work, originally inspired by Russian Modernism, joins the discussion of expanded painting and attempts to challenge the Greenbergian limitations of the medium of painting: flat surface, shape of the support, properties of the pigment.

Through breaking the conventions of constructing a painting, I’m trying to arrive at something that registers as a painting without resorting to the normal rules of picture making.

Reducing painting to its principal elements brings forth their own formal properties, making the stretcher, the canvas, the usually neglected space between the canvas surface and the wall, an important part of the composition. 3D properties that canvas acquires add sculptural element to the work, however the traditional mediums and techniques that I use keep it the realm of painting.

Taking the 3D element forward, the traditional components of a painting become objects of their own, cast or laser cut from various materials within painting.

Tags: 3d, Expanded Painting, Fine Art, Greenberg, Object, Oil, Oil Painting, Painting, Rabbit Skin Glue, Resin, Russian Modernism, Sculpture, Stretcher, Wax

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