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Becky Dodds

Textiles in Practice

My mixed media approach to designing high-end womenswear print collections involves the development of hand painted and collaged designs through digital process. My inspiration often derives from discovering colour and shapes in natural forms, such as flowers and foliage.

Creating vibrant and vivid colour palettes drives my projects. My visual research is a key element in my process as I am experimental when drawing to enable me to create contrasting and intense print designs.

My final collection is a ‘fresh’ interpretation of tropical prints for high-end womenswear. Featuring vibrant designs inspired by experimental drawing and mark making techniques. I have manipulated colour, shape and contrast between drawn and photographic elements. I have created a lively and dynamic collection of prints in both repeat and placement formats.

My future aspirations are to work within the fashion industry as a printed textile designer.

Tags: Collage, Colour, Digital, Fashion, Print, Tropical

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