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Ben Walker

Fine Art

Themes of Time and History reoccur trough my work, often in a playful manner, exploring different forms of iconic imagery. A type of cultural appropriation/mash up, attempting to represent the zeitgeist* of the present.

Appropriation is a Technique I admire of the Situationists, so too is Psychogeography. The exploration of both the physical geography around you and the mental landscape within, considering both equally and how they affect one another.

Working to represent the time space and place we are in, using found material in the hopes of making a genuine and real observation. Found footage and objects, things that I already own or others don’t want, is key to representing ‘now’.

Working by the philosophy of making Art as creating artefacts, imagining work displayed in future museums. An abstract collection found by archaeologists, arranged by future historians who are puzzled by us.

Tags: Projection, Science, Sound, Space, Travel, Video

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