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Benoit Sharp


Reconstructed Deconstruction

The deconstructivist architecture of the Imperial War Museum in Salford Quays is the subject and root of this project, in which reality is compressed into an image that balances on the edge of the plausible.

These photograms combine modern techniques with 1950s postmodern architecture and photography by being manipulated digitally yet printed in the darkroom. The Imperial War Museum has been ‘re-deconstructed’ to challenge the credibility of photography as a truthful document of architecture.

Constructivist Modernist photography, such as that of Filip Dujardin and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy have been both equally influential towards the theme and the aesthetic of the images.

These images offer a series of reconstructed photograms as an insight into how the architect, Daniel Libeskind, might have imagined the building to be viewed prior to its construction.

Tags: Architecture, Bauhaus, Black+white, Constructivism, Darkroom, Imperial War Museum, Photogram, Photography

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