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Bryony Phipps Wardle

Textiles in Practice

Finding the extraordinary in the everyday, the overlooked, discarded and unexpected; my work is inspired by imperfections and questioning ideas of value and disposability. I have reinterpreted traditional processes, using colour and technique in a sensitive way, in order to abstract these notions into knit.

A fundamental part of my practice this year has been the use of natural dyes and responsibly sourced materials. I have strived to reduce the environmental impact of my final collection and to highlight how sustainable production can fit within a contemporary fashion framework. 

The fluid nature of knitwear has allowed me to explore dress in an unconventional way, playing with volume and structure within garments, which address menswear in an unorthodox manner.

My future intentions are to continue investigating and developing my practice through industry experience, with a view to further study into sustainable fashion and design.

Tags: Details, Fashion, Imperfections, Indigo, Knit, Menswear, Naturaldyes, Sustainablepractice, Texture

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