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Cameron Buckman

Graphic Design

I’m Cameron, a final year student of Graphic Design at Manchester School of Art.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying design over the last three years, and feel that I have developed an increasingly focussed approach in this discipline and have produced work that has been credited for its freshness and individuality. I am not your normal conventional thinker, so for me the importance of concept is paramount, with aesthetical value playing a supporting role.

This year, as I have been thinking about my future work life, I have found myself particularly drawn to the finer details of branding, advertising and art-direction, and have concentrated on these areas in my final year studies. I believe my skills are transferable across all sectors and would be valuable to any industry or organisation, which requires new design thinking.

Tags: Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Concept, Editorial, Idea, Logo, Photography, Subtle

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