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Carrie Baldwinson

Graphic Design

I am an inquisitive designer, with a passion for Filmography, Photography and Art Direction. I love working with narrative, mood and concept to explore meaning and to bend it. I'm a passionate story teller, and I am fascinated by the mind and how we percieve personal experiences. My work is inspired by Psychology and influenced by my curiosity towards the world we live in and modern society. I am excited by the way we can manipulate thoughts and feelings through use of composition, colour, medium and edit, and have explored this through many projects.

I am an unconventional Designer, with a love for using Film - which became my go to medium over the past year. I also enjoy working with print and typography if I feel the brief asks for it, and I find the problem solving stage of a project to be the most important in producing a convincing, authentic final piece! 

Tags: Art Direction, Colour, Filmography, Mood, Narrative, Photography, Psychology

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