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Charlotte Derby

Textiles in Practice

As a designer the origination of my work comes from the hand drawn painterly mark rather than emanating from the digital. But once I realize my visual aesthetic an amalgamation of techniques and processes come into play. My practice is interdisciplinary in approach, exploring an amalgamation of methods and processes, juxtaposing traditional craft techniques with new technologies and combining the digital mark with the handmade mark, a concept essential to my practice. My work takes on an investigative approach exploring the tactile relationship between maker and materials and the importance of touch. Through the digitisation of methods, it is no longer necessary for a designer to interact physically with their work, each step of a process can be completed via a machine. My work explores the interrelationship between these two ways of working, using advanced technology to explore embroidery and printing, incorporating the individuality of craftsmanship and making relevant the traditional techniques of the past.

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