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Charlotte Saunders

Textiles in Practice


I am a knitted textile designer specialising in high end fabrics for Womenswear fashion. I focus on integrating quality yarns and techniques that communicate a sense of delicacy, with attention to stitch quality and placement.

Throughout the year my work has focussed on the idea of encasement, looking at trapped features. Research began by looking at contamination. The key feature of my work is the element of trapping, combined with open structure, therefore inlay was a vital technique to add a woven quality. The addition of embellishing and felting samples highlights the idea of alternate textures. Similarly, mohair was fundamental in my designs, helping blur the line between solid colour to reflect my visual research.

In the future I hope to continue as a knit designer. I would like to gain experience in the fashion and textile industry to advance my skills further.

Tags: Delicacy, Fashion, Fine Gauge Dubied, Knit, Placement, Texture, Womanswear

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