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Chloe Beecham

Textiles in Practice

As an artist, I am interested in pursuing ideas concerning motherhood. Recent work is sculptural in its outcome and is site-specific in both its design and articulation. Embroidery techniques such as the buttonhole rouleaux fastening are utilized and then pushed to epic proportions. Soft cloth is utilized to form heavy sculptural line qualities that sweep and soar through the air or hang limp and lifeless. This cloth based line has its origination in drawings made on paper; ink, gouache and pencil that moves at different speeds as it is pushed and teased around a sheet of paper.  Cloth enables this line to escape the two-dimensionality of the paper and to literally become ‘drawn’ within an actual three-dimensional space.  The scale of the work directly aims to engage the viewer; but it is not particularly embracing. There is much discomfort here.

Tags: Drawing, Embroidery, Installation, Mixed Media, Monochrome, Site-specific, Textiles, Vertical Gallery

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