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Dominika Wroblewska

Illustration with Animation

I love combining various disciplines into one by mixing different media. I’m especially interested in building 3d objects, which I can later incorporate in my images. I use recycled materials like cardboard or old magazines as a base for my artwork, on top of which I work with acrylics; fine-liners; pencils and digital collage. I am a big fan of the abstract, the ridiculous and the surreal. I take my inspiration from children drawings and Prehistoric art. I am quite (very) obsessed with Scandinavia – especially Norway- its culture, stories, language and landscape. I like visually challenging images with a hidden meaning or a secondary story always present somewhere in the background. I’m interested in creating picture books for adults - I think the world definitely needs more of them

Tags: Acrylics, Collage, Design, Folklore, Illustration, Norway, Photoshop, Trolls

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