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Elen Hughes

Textiles in Practice

I am an aspiring embroidery designer, making work mainly aimed at an interiors market. I use combinations of digital print and multi-head/machine embroidery techniques to translate ideas from paper onto cloth.  My inspiration derives from the urban environment of Manchester. The current collection focuses on interpreting ‘found drawings’. These ‘drawings’ contain marks observed at street level; on pavements, grids and the roadside. Trodden chewing gum, double yellow lines, the structure of grids and the cracks in pavements all collide to inform my palette of marks.  I am inspired by shapes, lines, colours, structures, repetition and erratically patterned surfaces. I have also been inspired by the bold, colorful shapes used within the Memphis era. The resulting textiles are therefore a hybrid of urban detritus made wonderful through colourful palettes and extracted pattern-based motifs.

@elenlowritextiles (Instagram)

Tags: Colour, Digital, Edging, Embroidery, Interior, Marks, Print, Shape, Shapes, Urban Enviroment

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