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Emily Murphy

Textiles in Practice

I am a print and embroidery designer producing surface textured prints for an interior context. I have always been inspired and interested to create surface within the entirety of my studies here, and I believe that this is portrayed in a very fun and interesting way within my samples.

Throughout this project, I have been heavily inspired by the patterns, surfaces of flowering cacti. With a fond love of flowers, cacti and shape I have been able to experiment and explore the world of embroidery even further pushing the limits of interior embroidery with fresh new ideas. I believe that my use of interesting surfaces is a stand out feature in the interior context as not a lot of other designers are using similar embroidery techniques in the way that I am. The addition of the use of bold patterns and embroidery mixed with the delicate stitching of the flowers add a innovative contrast.

In the future, I wish to continue to push the boundaries of surface texture within the context of interior fabrics.

instagram: emilymurphytextiles

Tags: Bold, Delicate, Digital Embroidery, Digital Print, Embroidery, Flowers, Pattern, Stripe, Surface Texture

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