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Fabio S F Correia


The Street Art Centre is a building dedicated to the showcase and celebration of street art. The streel frame structure is wrapped by brick, internally and externally, so that the building is perceived as solid from outside, and an outdoor-like atmosphere is created for the street art to be exhibited.

Located in an area opposite Oxford Road Railway Station, currently abandoned, the building is divided into a cinema, a foyer, two gallery spaces, two art studios and a roof terrace that overlooks the city.

The form of the building is derived from a two-scales concept. The intention is that it towers in order to beome part of the Mancunian skyline, along with the Palace Hotel and Student Castle tower, yet retract from the square as it rises in order to reduce its impact.

Some interests: Digital modelling, rendering, drawing

Tags: 3d Printing, Brick, Contextual Design, Drawing, Gallery, Rendering, Street Art

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