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Foluso Oguntoye

Fine Art

My art is still life. Reflections, expressions and projections rooted in time, past/history and tradition, about Nostalgia; my longing and yearning for home and a lost, simple way of life and identity, a sort of paradise. It involves the integration of two different traditions and cultures with a history to re-imagine, re-contextualize and evoke visions, memories and myths of the Pre-colonial African past. It is also a celebration of the past and future as well as a mourning of the loss of a past way of life.

My art is an act of resistance and a projection of ideals and aspirations, against the Postmodern world we live in. In my art Darkness and tropical palms have come to symbolize placelessness, memory, imagination, myth, mystery and uncertainty, and the latter; nostalgia for the lost, paradise and eternal life.

Tags: African Art, Darkness, Green, Oil Painting, Precolonial, Scarification, Still Life, Vessels

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