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Georgia Markham

Fine Art

My practice, in its broadest sense, aims to promote a reformation of our relationship with all facests of the natural world, from one of exploitation and disharmony to one that promotes compassion and partnership, recognising the interdependency of all living things.
Our connection with nature severed, we no longer make choices or behave in ways that are sympathetic towards the environment and the wildlife that inhabits it; they are 'other' to us, separate and unknowable. To protect the natural world, save our planet and evoke within people the compassion necessary to drive the actions that are the buds of revolutionary environmental change, we must challenge the indoctrinated ideologies of Western society that obscures from us the role we play in the interdependent ecosystem of planet Earth.
Memorial for the Lost Life of Britain attempts to do this by exposing the damaging impact of human activity on the natural world, mourning the loss of Britain's fauna due to the careless endeavours of man. In conjunction with Poor Pigeon, these pieces challenge the shameless bias that many people have for some species over others. Their union emphasises the value of all life, arguing that a loss of any part of our natural world should be mourned, whether it be a delicate native plant of Britain or a commonplace, 'verminous' pigeon.
The Tree I Didn't Cast in Bronze and A Labour of Necessity aim to illuminate that point of contact between nature as a material and the human as wielder, promoting the importance of conducting this relationship in a respectful and sustainable way. Our relationship with the natural world can only be reformed when we recognise that both humanity and nature benefit from a harmonious alliance, and seeking domination over nature is detrimental to the entire planet.

Tags: Animals, Animism, Climate Change, Compassion, Drawing, Eco Art, Ecology, Empathy, Environment, Extinction, Ferns, Global Warming, Interconnectivity, Landscape, Memorial, Natural World, Nature, Paganism, Pigeon, Plants, Reconnection, Screen Print, Social Responsibility, Species Extinction, Sustainability, Trees, Wreath

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