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Hannah Brown

Textiles in Practice

My work has a strong relationship to light and I incorporate the use of transparent or reflective materials in conjunction with other tactile surfaces.

I enjoy manipulating materials through a variety of different processes, such as embossing, laser cutting, printing, dying and hand craft techniques.

I was commissioned by Flowers Gallery London to produce a large scale, site-specific artwork for an exhibition inspired by Michael Kidner, beginning July 2016.

The commissioned work is influenced by both Michael Kidner a pioneer of Op art in the mid-1960’s and by Manchester’s skyline. During this unit I have been mapping the presence and movement of light within the urban landscape at night. Each piece of acrylic is hand dyed to mirror the colours and tones within the panorama.

My future intentions are to work with interior designers, focussing on public space and gallery installation work.

Instagram - @tip.hannah.brown

Tags: Installation, Kidner, Light, Lightbox, Plastic

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