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Hannah Durman

Textiles in Practice

I am a textile designer specialising in knitted fabrics for high end menswear. I aim to push the boundaries of menswear through the use of colour proportion and textural knitted techniques.

Throughout this year I have I created a collection consisting of samples and accessories which are unique mainly through the use of selective colour. I developed my skills using varied techniques to explore my knitted handwriting. My main inspiration originated with ‘Time Deception’, looking at ideas that evolved into the around the concept ‘Unknown’.  I developed this through my use of vivid colour and clashing structure, combining the two aspects to create fabrics that have unusual proportions for a menswear context.

In the future I aim to complete a MA in Knitted Textiles to develop my knit skills further, for my desired future career ambitions.  

Tags: Colour, Fashion, Knit, Texture

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