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Hattie Shaw

Three Dimensional Design

I find myself consistently imagining inanimate objects as living things, and how these items may react to human interaction if they had the ability. I like silliness, and enjoy exemplifying this in 3D forms, forms we recognise and come across in the everyday. I want to play with function and decoration, combining these aspects to make an ordinary functional object brim with delight and playfulness. My work questions the everyday and they idea of panpsychism; the theory that everything – including inanimate objects – are able to feel. I incorporate humour in to my work through juxtaposition of object and character, as well as using puns to compose the titles for each of my pieces within my range.

Tags: Bone China, Ceramics, Character, Customisable, Detachable, Features, Fun, Homewares, Interactive, Lamps, Lampshades, Laser Cutting, Lights, Magnets, Slip Cast, Wood

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