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Hermione Crowe

Textiles in Practice

I am an embroidery student driven by an obsession with colour, and my work explores through stitch and drawing research into colour blindness and chromophobia. I employ painstaking hand embroidery techniques which both celebrates, subverts and highlight the beauty of stitch, colour and patterns. I also explore how machines can replicate hand stitching, giving old, and often slower, techniques a fresh contemporary look. I focus on specialist embroidery techniques such as darning, needle weaving and Kantha stitch. I also use the Pfaff, Multi-head Embroidery Machine, Irish Machine and the Big Bernina to create samples

My work lends itself to a variety of contexts, especially if translated to weave or print. My visualisations demonstrate ways in which my work could be used to inspire a range of different fabrics for different outcomes.

I will work as a freelance textiles designer and will be exhibiting in the Knit and Stitch show 2016.

Tags: Colour, Contemporary, Darning, Embroidery, Inspiration

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