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India De Sousa-Butterworth

Textiles in Practice

Experimental textile design consists of challenging ways of working by pushing boundaries with non-traditional textile materials. Using clear transparencies with an almost invisible quality has enabled the opportunity to layer marks that create interesting results based on how light interacts with surfaces. This has contributed to the development of site-specific pieces, such as the vertical gallery exhibition

Hand processes allowed further experimentation of patterns and texture through cutwork and relief, leading to the investigation of negative space and the distorted shapes left behind.

Originating from the simplicity and rawness of Modernism and Brutalism architecture, this practice is centred on co-ordinate plotting and grid referencing and appropriating this method to a contemporary context.

This methodology reflects the infinite possibility for pieces of work to be adapted for installation, interiors and commercial use. The possibility of future collaborative opportunities and commissions are welcomed.


Instagram: indiadesousa

Tags: Acetate, Bespoke Installations, Co-ordinate Plotting, Contemporary, Cutwork, Experimental Design, Grid Referencing, Hand Processes, Industrial Materials, Layering, Lighting, Negative Spaces, Non Traditional Materials, Plastic, Relief, Shadows, Simplicity, Site Specific, Surfaces, Tape, Texture, Transparencies

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