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Irina Adam

Master of Architecture

Delabole Amphitheatre invites visitors to open-air performances in a dramatic natural landscape. The unique geography of the space makes for an excellent sound laboratory, where resident artists can practice their craft. The site offers accommodation, technical rooms for equipment and sound labs, as well as facilities and refreshment points for visitors.

The quarried out “bowl” shape of the site has become a natural amphitheatre. The auxiliary programme has been housed in enclosed buildings that use the language of traditional Cornish architectural motifs, such as tin mines and old castles. Tall canopies were erected to create a new “biome” by protecting the programme underneath from the elements. These are modelled after the native gunnera plants of Cornwall, which have a long, thin structural stem and wide leaves that enclose the space underneath them.

Tags: Canopies, Canopy, Cornish, Cornwall, Corten, Delabole, Gunnera, Qed, Quarry, Slate, Tin Mines, Weathering Steel

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