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Isabella Jones

Fine Art

Desire inflicts stress and pleasure. Desire binds us to one another through carnal lust and emotional obsession. It overrides logical reason and corrupts civilised sense; it invades our thoughts, controls our actions and agitates our physical instincts. And it is studied extensively from both biological and psychoanalytical perspectives. 

Yet still, desire continues on as an intangible concept. W.J.T Mitchell describes it as being ‘a dimension of the Real that remains inaccessible to depiction’. It persists as an impalpable construction of the mind that rules our bodily behaviour. 

My work aims to represent the unfathomable by questioning whether sexuality develops subjectively or objectively within our psyche. 

By stepping away from typical figurative portrayals of human sexuality in art, abstract shape and form of the drawings tangle, devour, bind and unbind with each other like a ritualistic mating dance. 

The process of drawing is essential to my practice. The intimacy felt between the artist to the paper is reminiscent of two lovers. The pencil stroking the surface back and forth gently then rapidly, until the climactic consummation of the finished piece. Sharing a confidential space with the work, which sentimentally I wish to emulate for the viewer, through intricately drawn detail that dares them to edge closer, teasing them to touch the surface.

Capturing the complex and unruly magnitude of our sensual identities, the work becomes manifested in visceral process. Within the unknown realm of desire the work depicts sensibility as an important point of human arousal, a point where love and lust are equals when the notion of desire begins to unstitch.

The point at which the word ‘desire’ is spoken or written is the point at which it ceases to function. My work attempts to bridge the gap between our etymological and intellectually conscious understandings with our more primitive human subconscious experiences. Where words fail art speaks. 

Tags: Art, Body, Desire, Drawing, Gender, Mind, Painting, Sexuality, Watercolour

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