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James Mathews-Hiskett

Fine Art

If the creative act is viewed as a series of actions, processes and subjective decisions as Duchamp proposed, then my practice examines different sections of this journey. In different artworks, the labour of the artist, the act of making, or the translation of an idea to an audience, could all become the focus of the piece.

The role of the artist is questioned by presenting different locations for both the artist and audience. The performance like nature of art making is explored, as opposed to making art that is performance. The tradition and form of monochrome painting is often used as a vehicle and visual motif to present ideas, dramatising the anxiety of the blank canvas.

Deliberate absurdity, humour and futility are used as devices to approach ideas in my practice. This breaks down barriers between the artwork and the viewer, and allows for a playful critique of the validity of artistic practice.

Tags: Book, Conceptual, Drawing, Film, Installation, Painting, Performance, Photography, Video

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