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Jazmine Darson

Textiles in Practice

I am inspired by intricate and colourful ethnic patterns and artwork. This year my work was focused on Indian culture, inspired by living there for a few months. Being able to take in the culture and environment, I left India with loads of photographs, jewellery, textiles and of course inspiration that directed my third year projects.

My prints are developed mainly through digital print design, however I have done a lot of screen printing this year. Both of these style prints are created from hand drawn and digital drawn motifs, which I then put into repeat. Another style print I create is textured placement prints made from paintings and different textures I’ve created.

For unit x I designed my work for interior, however in previous projects I’ve designed for fashion.

My future intentions are to work freelance as a digital textile designer and create prints for fashion, accessories and interior.

Tags: Design, Digital Print, Intricate, Pattern, Print, Printed Textiles, Surface Pattern, Textiles

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