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Jessica Walton

Textiles in Practice

I am a textile designer specialising in print for high-end interiors, designing for both a commercial and domestic context. My practice is influenced by all aspects of nature, and I take my inspiration from my own floral/botanical photography. I have always had a great interest and passion for drawing and painting. At the design stage I explore a variety of different media, such as photography, hand drawing and digital manipulation.

This year I have produced two collections for bespoke wall coverings, to push the boundaries of contemporary wallpaper design. One collection uses floral photography to inject bold imagery and colour to create a big impact. My second collection combines linear sketched motifs, with a textural feel to bring fine detail to my work. My plans after graduation are to work in the print design industry, where I hope to further build on my passion for drawing, colour and experimental design.

Tags: Botanical, Colour, Drawing, Interiors, Photography, Print, Print Design, Textural, Wallpaper

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