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Kate Morrison

Textiles in Practice

Pattern in architecture is an inspirational constant in my work. Architecture and structure in building and nature inform my designs.

‘Greatness exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details’ (Leonard Koren) - discovering the beauty in the everyday, overlooked details - fuels my creative process and working practice.

The approach I adopt to colour and texture is similarly influenced by the building blocks of architecture and natural structure in the commonplace details I discover. Projects begin with drawing and photography in which the exploration of scale and texture provide the basis for my interior focused woven and printed textile collections.

Next, I will be working in studio environments including Missoni in Italy, developing my creative practice in the commercial world.

Tags: Architectural Pattern, Colour, Colour Theory, Hand Dyed, Ombre, Printed Textile, Protective Structures, Weave, Woven Textile

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