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Katie Simms

Textiles in Practice

I see myself as a textile artist, creating conceptually knitted pieces which explore the boundaries of knit as a fabric, through experimental processes and structural materials. My final series of pieces have developed from a piece of creative writing titled ‘the unravelers’ by Stephanie Danler. In which knitting is spoke of metaphorically for the way in which people live their life’s. Contrasting perceptions of being ordered and controlled against looseness and loss of it, and the feelings of anxiety and panic associated with these feelings. Use of photography and film are of great importance in my practice, used for the recording of process as well as communicating the concept behind the pieces. In the future I hope to continue developing my practice as a textile artist, seeking opportunities for collaborations, artist residencies or exhibitions.

Tags: Conceptual, Contrast, Delicate, Experimentation, Film, Industrial, Knit, Photography, Process, Tacticle

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