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Kezia Pullinger

Textiles in Practice


I am a surface pattern designer working with print and embroidery, specialising in womenswear for middle market fashion. I have developed a collection of fabrics, some of which I have made up into garments.Other areas of interest include trend forecasting, art direction and styling, all of which are expressed through my fashion film and look book which accompany the garments.

The concept underpinning my final year’s work is how moments in time can be captured and are perceived differently. The identity for my brand ‘Kezia’ was developed allowing me to explore branding and gain understanding of where my work would fit within the commercial industry.

Post graduation I hope to find a position within visual merchandising, allowing my creativity to continue with purpose and intention, offering customers innovative and inspirational shopping experiences. This relates to the subject of my essay; The Changing Landscape of Retail.

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