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Kieren (kiekie) March

Fine Art

"It's spacial awareness gone mad!"

Space has, and will always be increasingly valued, from trees fighting for space to grow, to humans wanting to own it.

My work explores space as a physical thing, it is a material that can be shaped, coloured, occupied and moved. Through visual art, I use space as a means to heighten my own and others awareness to our world. However we feel about a building, a park, a community or a country, enchantment can be found within them if we all look a little closer, close enough to actually see.

I believe that the work I ‘donate’ to public spaces should appeal to all ages and walks of life, which is achievable when a component of an artwork is humour. I don’t expect everyone who encounters my work to feel the need to decipher what they have seen; they can simply enjoy it for what it is, but for those who wish to wonder why someone would perform such an act, my motivations can be found. 

Tags: Environment, Kiekie, Public Art, Public Space, Space, Spacial, Street, Street Art

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